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Nature’s Raw Pet Food

We believe pets should eat as nature intended.

Coffee Bean

Quality Meat

Coffee Bean

Careful Preparation

Coffee Bean

Convenient Pickup Locations

Benefits of Raw Pet Food

Cleaner teeth and fresh breath

Better weight control

Improved digestion

Shinier, healthier skin and coat

Reduction of allergy symptoms

Harder, smaller, less smelly stool

Increased mobility in older animals

More energy and stamina

Our Story

Discover the story behind raw pet food supplier Born Wild Raw and our founders Bub and Shelley Herfurth.

What We Stand For

  • Animal Specific (No mixing of proteins)
  • Biologically Appropriate (based on 80-10-10 prey model guidelines)
  • Strictly Carnivore (no fruits or vegetables added)
  • 100% All-Natural
  • Antibiotic Free
  • No Cheap Fillers
  • No Additives or Preservatives¬†
  • NEVER are 3-D or 4-D meats used (meaning NO dead, diseased or dying animals)
  • All animals have been harvested and processed under USDA inspection on location
  • No outsourcing (we control the entire process)

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