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Why raw pet food?

We believe pets should eat as nature intended. In the wild, dogs and cats, as natural carnivores, would feast on the entirety of their prey. That’s why our blends include meat, organs and bone as we replicate what an animal would eat in the wild. Organs are rich in nutrients and vitamins that animals need. Tearing organs, meat and bones with their teeth essentially provides cleaning and flossing for dogs’ and cats’ teeth while strengthening gums.

Raw food is safe for dogs and cats and features many benefits, including:

  • Better weight control
  • Improvement of digestion
  • More energy and stamina
  • Increased mobility in older animals
  • A healthier, shinier coat
  • Better skin – less dry and itchy
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Better breath
  • Less stool, since the animal takes in more nutrition, which results in less waste

Born Wild sells the freshest pet foods. With our creations, you don’t have to worry about mass-market recalls and not knowing where your pet’s food came from. Our entire process is controlled – all the way from the live animal to the pet food purchaser – with no material outsourced. We can tell you what farm every one of our products came from and how well the animals are treated at those farms.

All our food has been developed for an entirely carnivore diet, with no grains, vegetables or cheap fillers that don’t benefit your pet’s health.

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