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Born Wild Testimonials

Stories from real pet owners like you who have experienced Born Wild products

Almost 10 years ago, one of my dogs fell ill and her kidneys began to fail. I spent hours researching ways to help her and ended up speaking with Dr. Harvey Cohen of Dr. Harvey’s food. He educated me on food and supplements to help keep Poe comfortable. From there, I continued researching to find the most nutritious and most responsibly sourced food for my dogs.

During my journey, I have tried all the raw co-ops who deliver to the Lehigh Valley area and none compare to Born Wild. First and foremost, the food is excellent quality from local farms. Some of the options I tried at other co-ops even my least picky dog wouldn’t touch.

My dogs just love the Born Wild products. Additionally, Born Wild has a fantastic selection of proteins, organs, treats, and other supplements such as broth and milk. I also love the packaging. Not only is it recyclable, unlike what you get from most co-ops, but it doesn’t leak when you defrost it and it’s easy to stack in the freezer until it’s ready to use. I can’t thank the wonderful family at Born Wild enough for making a quality product to keep my dogs healthy and happy.

Jessica Diehl

I can’t say enough good things about Born Wild!  I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products or their customer service.  I love that Born Wild offers 80/10/10 premixed raw food, helping to take the guesswork out of feeding my Three Stooges a diet that I feel good about putting in their bowls each day.

When I first visited Born Wild, I was dabbling in feeding raw and cooked meats to my Stooges, but hadn’t completely transitioned.  After my first visit, I leaped in head first and haven’t looked back since.  I love the diversity of their menu – from the dehydrated treats, to the frozen peanut butter bananas, to the esophagus stuffed with tripe, to the Bone Broth, to the raw bones…. and so much more.  I look forward to watching them grow and offer more protein varieties.

It’s hard to find a company that truly puts their customers first; Bub, Shelley and their employees do just that. When I first started using Born Wild, I drove 3 hours round-trip.  It was well worth it! They now offer a drop in Newtown, PA, which cuts my drive time down to about an hour round trip.  But I still may drop in here and there just to say hi!  I hope you’ll give Born Wild a try. I’m confident you’ll be very happy you did!

Donna Meszaros and the Three Stooges; Kai, Nash and Judge.  All4paws Dog Training.

Benny is an energetic, fun-loving rescue who loves to get into trouble chewing up socks, hats, cardboard… pretty much anything!

The only thing that stops him in his tracks are the treats from Born Wild.  Benny loves all of them, but his favorites are the beef trachea and the pig ears.

Thanks to Born Wild, Benny is destroying fewer human things and is getting a quality, nutritious treat!  

Born Wild is a lifesaver!

Courtney Collins

Born Wild is AMAZING!

Our two dogs have loved everything that we have ordered from them. We have tried their blends (chicken, pork, venison, tripe, and beef), their minces, kidney, testicles, raw milk, a ton of their raw treats, and raw bones.

The quality is outstanding!! We love what they are doing for the raw-fed community and we love their passion.

Angela K Smith-Leyfert

We’ve had years of battling health issues with our boys, ranging from constant loose stools to severe allergies which resulted in massive hair loss and hot spots! We were tired of changing their diets and experimenting with food brands that inevitably always resulted in the same problems while costing us more and more. The daily regimen of medications to try and control these issues prophylactically to the rounds of antibiotics and steroids during flare-ups were taking their toll, both financially as well as physically on their overall health and well-being.

We knew we had to make a change, but what? Then we stumbled across raw feeding and after relentless research and feeling overwhelmed, selected the PMR diet for our boys. Then came the issue of sourcing all of the proteins, organs and bone. The thought of having to source everything at a reasonable cost, then prepare and balance it out, was tough with juggling a chaotic and relentless lifestyle with work and kids. We almost didn’t make the switch until we found a local resource that processed blends.

While the immediate results were amazing, we knew we weren’t completely satisfied with some of the contents and ratios.

That all changed when we found Born Wild!

They offered balanced and nutrient-rich blends that met the nutritional needs of our boys and didn’t break the bank when considering the time and energy that we would have spent doing it ourselves. Our boys are no longer on daily prophylactics and only struggle with skin flare ups a couple times a year instead of every month! Their hair has grown back in, they don’t shed, they have virtually no dander. Their coats are shiny, the corn chip smell that they always sported with their yeast growth has disappeared and best of all, they only void their bowels once every 2-3 days now instead of twice daily. Plus no picking it up from the yard as it completely breaks down and withers away in two days, tops!

We are so thankful for Born Wild and the commitment Bub and Shelley have shown to bringing their best to our fur babys’ bowls! We rave not only about the raw diet to everyone, but also the quality and customer service of Born Wild! Thank you for your continued dedication.

Jessica Sampere

Hi everyone! I’d like to tell you about Born Wild and their amazing raw food.

My girls have been doing 100% better on this raw food. They actually enjoy eating and look for their breskfast and dinner. Their coats are shinier and there’s next to no stool. My Lexus is almost two years old and my puppy Sierra is six months old.

Thank you, thank you, Born Wild for making raw food that is of excellent quality and very affordable!

Every time you go in to pick up your order, Bub is always helpful and willing to chat and so is Shelley! I could go on for hours.

Thank You!

Helen Thompson

We finally found a consistent and excellent quality of raw food for our shepherd!

We’ve been raw feeding since we got our boy at eight weeks and it took us a while to find Born Wild.

Koa has thrived since we started using this and several of my friends I’ve referred now use Born Wild and love it.

With all the treats they have it’s like going to a health food store for pups!


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