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Veal Coarse


This blend is made from whole young beef. There are no additives or preservatives. All ingredients are weighed to ensure this product meets the 80-10-10 prey model guidelines.

  • 80% meat: veal, heart, lung, tongue
  • 10% secreting organ: liver, kidney, spleen
  • 10% bone (very finely ground)
  • Plus Green beef tripe

At Born Wild we do not mix proteins so all by products used in a specific blend are that of the same animal.

All veal comes to us from local farms in Pennsylvania and are steroid-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free. We harvest the veal at our USDA meat processing facility, Lehigh Valley Meats. Once chilled the product is ground, packaged and frozen to ensure product integrity, quality and freshness.

Sold in 2 pound deli containers.

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